What is the best career option for a maintenance engineer after 3 years of work experience?

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Thanks for reaching out Alvin. So the quickie answer is…It depends on what you would like to do next! I know, that’s pretty vague but it’s true.

Do you like being a maintenance engineer? If so, what is it in your current job that you are not getting that you really want? If you can answer that for yourself, then you can start seeking those things in your next company and keep focused on what it is that you really want. Don’t waver on those things because they are important to you and may be part of your value framework that you need to be happy.

If you don’t like being a maintenance engineer, then what is it that you WANT to do or LOVE to do? If your being an engineer doesn’t match what you actually want to do, then decide how you are going to smuggle donkeys (i.e. get paid to do the work while you create work around your passions). You don’t have to be an engineer to get paid - you can work at starbucks or a grocery store or be a dog walker or even stay at your current job or do whatever to make money so that you can pursue your passions.

The bottom line comes down to what it is that YOU want to do and create a life around that.. if you want more personalized time to discuss, feel free to contact me at contact.shewill@gmail.com. I hope that helps my friend!


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