Digital Media Trends of 2019 Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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I want you to look at two numbers, 46 million versus 30 million, 46 million, 30 million. I'll share with you what those two numbers mean in a minute and you will be shell shocked on what industry is booming based on those numbers. On top of all the other digital media trends that are taking place.

The reason why I'm doing this video today because if there's ever been a time in a market where you're trying to make a name for yourself in a very loud, noisy industry where the dominant names have been created, today's probably the best time. This is why. Heraclitus, a famous Greek philosopher once said, 

Change is the only thing that's constant. 

Things are changing today so fast that those who learn how to adapt, make adjustments, and pivots faster are gonna flourish post-2019. So today, in this episode, we're gonna talk about top digital media trends.

One of the things I'm going to give you by the time this video is over are a couple of links if you want to go look at it. They are going to be a little bit more of an extensive report because this video could easily be three, four hours, but I'm giving you the basic stuff that maybe you ought to be paying attention to. Along with a couple of articles and a video for you to watch.

So having said that, let's start off with the biggest social media name. Everybody knows Facebook and what's been happening with Facebook lately. 

Here are some stats:

74 percent of users on Facebook are women.
62 percent of users on Facebook are men.
54 percent of all Facebook users are above 35 years old.
21 percent of Facebook users are above 55 years old


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